Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

We provide comprehensive care to treat and prevent sports-related injuries using an integrated approach. We assist athletes in achieving their ultimate health and performance goals, and we also treat musculoskeletal problems in non-athletes.

With our resources and expertise, we strive to put our patients on a speedy road to recovery. Fully equipped with the latest technology and an in-house Biomechanics Laboratory, we can accurately analyze and treat every patient so that he or she can continue to pursue an active and healthy life

Dynamic Foot Pressure System - Mapping Your Points of Pressure

We can determine the distribution of pressure in your feet, identifying pressure points during gait to reduce pain and chances of stress fractures. This can benefit athletes who put a lot of pressure on the feet, such as in track and field, basketball, and tennis. We can assess your balance, and help you to enhance stability during sports and to reduce energy consumption. This is especially beneficial to hockey players and skaters.

Motion Analysis System - Evaluating How You Move

We can identify abnormal joint movements. This information can be used to prevent injuries, enhance performance, treat injuries, and prevent injury recurrence. For example, motion analysis can help identify abnormal foot and ankle movements during running. This system can synchronize with the dynamic foot pressure system to better understand and manage foot and ankle problems.

Custom Orthoses - Correcting and Protecting

We provide true custom foot or ankle orthoses based on your own dynamic bio-mechanical analyses, foot size and activities

Ultrasound-Guided Injections - Pain Relief and Healing

We offer precise ultrasound-guided injections. The injection medicine includes steroid, hyaluronic acid (HA) and platelet rich plasma (PRP) for pain relief and healing injuries.

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