Our Team

Our Team

This is our bio. We're pretty gr8, ngl.
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Nadine, MA

Nadine was raised in Zumbrota, Minnesota. She has been with Rochester Clinic since its doors opened in 2010. With 19 years of experience as a medical assistant, Nadine is very efficient in her role.  

Fun Facts: Nadine enjoys playing softball, woodworking, and crafting. She also loves animals and the Vikings!

Christy, MSM

Christy was raised in San Diego, California for 17 years before moving to the snowy side of the world. Today, she resides in Rochester, Minnesota with her husband, Khong, and two children, Alyssa and Isaac, who she describes as lovely and witty.  

Christy holds a master’s degree in management with an emphasis in health care management. She enjoys working with people and building healthy relationships.  

Fun Facts: Christy’s hobbies are cooking, writing, traveling, and spending time with her family. She also loves taking pictures to capture those great little moments in life.

I like working at Rochester Clinic because, here, we are a family of our own.” –Christy 

Nancy, RHIT

Nancy was born in Rapid City, South Dakota and raised in Bismarck, North Dakota. She worked at the ND Supreme Court office while attending United Tribes College, where she earned her degree in health information technology.

Nancy moved to Rochester, Minnesota in 2007 for a job at Mayo Clinic and to have a closer involvement with the transplant community, which she is passionate about due to her history of dual organ transplants.

Fun Facts: Nancy is part of the Oglala Lakota Sioux Tribe, located on the Pine Ridge Reservation. She wanted to be a surgeon when she was young, and loves science, music, as well as being outside. She has a cat name Karma and a dog name Jax.
“I like working at Rochester Clinic because I get good parking!!” –Nancy


Holds the title administrative assistant, which means something along the lines of office monkey or henchman. Son of the two big cheeses so that probably makes him the little cheese. Or the spread.


The cheese curd, is a second administrative assistant, meaning a second henchman. Claims of small wildlife fauna within the clinic are related to her.


Mei is the CFO of Rochester Clinic, which loosely translates into "The Big Cheese in Charge of Everything." On her time off, she likes to water her plants. Even when it rains.
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