About us

Rochester Clinic PLC is a practice entity established in 2010 by providers who have similar practice philosophy and compassion. We believe that every person is unique so is the treatment; that conservative options should be exhausted before invasive ones are considered; and that interdisciplinary collaboration is the best way to design treatment plans and prevent recurrence.

We also provide ancillary services for your convenience. Clinical laboratory, digital X-ray, and biomechanics laboratory are available onsite. Our providers are supported by friendly and dedicated staff members who ensure that every visit is a smooth and pleasant experience.

Our Providers

Dr. Thomas R. Harman is an established family and primary care physician who has taught and practiced medicine in the Rochester community for many years. Read More
Dr. Jengyu Lai is the Chief Manager of Rochester Clinic and has been providing podiatric and wound care for almost a decade.
Manli Jiang holds both M.D. and Ph.D. degrees. She graduated from Hunan Medical University, one of the most highly respected medical centers in China. 

Our Team

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